Current and upcoming projects, commissions, new products etc..

Japan Alps Art Festival

I’m very excited to be presenting a new work for the Japan Alps Art Festival in Omachi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It is a new concept involving mist and light, located at the entrance to the Kanonji Temple – a very important historical site in the mountain area. Called “Arc Zero – Nimbus”. A ring of mist encircles a bridge that crosses the little river below, the source of the mist. The source of the river is up in the mountains, where the snow is still melting. The work represents the journey of the water, through all states, down the mountain, and back up again as evaporated mist. The Japan Alps Art Festival opens June 4. More info about the event here

Northbridge Bottleyard Commission

The Bottleyard commission is now finished. Comprised of 100 resin panels, forming a louvred canopy at the central entrance to the site. The site itself was a bottle return facility from the late 1800s and the work uses the glass found during excavations to shed light on the site’s history. At night a subtle lighting effect plays from dusk to dawn, reflecting the mood and hour of the night, while during the day, the sun’s light is refracted and colourised as patterns play on the frame and ground beneath the canopy.

Located on Palmerston St, Perth, Western Australia.